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Purpose: The Liturgist has the privilege of proclaiming God’s word. Volunteering to be the Liturgist is an important part of the worship ministry at DSUMC. Engaging the congregation through reading the Prayer of Illumination and hearing scripture will create an environment of worship and thanksgiving. Your delivery of God’s word is a vital part of each service. Read more about this role here.
user Usher
As an usher you have the opportunity to represent the Church while being friendly and welcoming. We want to offer hospitality and love to both our guests and members. Read more about this role here.
eye Sanctuary Organization
This role is an important part of creating a positive atmosphere of worship for those who attend on Sunday mornings. These individuals make sure that the congregation is ready for worship and people are able to access what they need during our worship services. Read more about this role here.
Serving Communion
Communion as a sacrament means that it is a means or channel for
God’s grace. Communion is one of the last blessings that Jesus gave to his disciples at the Last Supper. It is one of the marks of Christianity, part of what defines us as Christians. Communion is a very special time of reflection, prayer, and oneness with God. A time to remember God’s love for us. This is one or the greatest servant honors you may experience. This is a holy moment for both the server and the receiver. Read more about this role here.