DSUMC’s worship services are now meeting in person and online. We will continue to live stream for those who do not feel comfortable attending. The 8:30am Traditional and 11:15am Contemporary Services will alternate live streaming. We are streaming the Spanish service every week at 12:45pm. All services are available online at www.youtube.com/dsumc 
In order to keep our congregation as safe as possible, we are providing hand sanitizing stations, are practicing social distancing, and will not be pass a traditional offering plate. We are requiring masks when inside the building according to the state guidelines.

Please note: we strongly encourage you to stay home and attend DSUMC’s online live streaming service this weekend if:

* You are showing any flu-like symptoms
*Have had a fever of 100.4 or higher in the past 14 days
*Have had prolonged exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
*If there is there any medical reason you believe you shouldn’t be around others

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please take care of yourself join us online here www.youtube.com/dsumc All good? We hope to see you soon! 

May 5, 2020

In response to National Guidelines as outlined in the President’s Covid-19 Task Force, and in response to Governor Abbott’s Executive Order on Monday, April 27, 2020, and out of an abundance of caution for our members and guests, DSUMC will adopt the following plan to reopen the church offices, the worship services, and all missions and ministries of the local church. This plan will be rolled out in the coming weeks in three phases. Subsequent phases will be communicated pursuant to Federal, state, and local guidelines in the coming weeks. The guidelines contained in this plan are subject to change as a result of ongoing direction from state and local leaders.



This plan will seek to provide a way for the people of DSUMC to gather again for worship, study, ministry, and mission. It will include best practices for safety according to the spirit and principle of care in Psalm 146:9 and James 1:27. 


Phase 1

  • Beginning on May 24th the following activities may resume while maintaining reasonable distancing guidelines.
  • Any person who doesn’t feel comfortable with attending in person, and persons who are 65 years of age or older, and/or having underlying health issues are encouraged to stay home and take advantage of our livestream of all services.


  1. Worship Services
    • 8:30am, 11:15am services can begin gathering again in the Sanctuary and Foundry, properly spaced 6ft apart as families, couples, or individuals. Overflow space will be provided in the Fellowship Hall, The Foundry, or the Sanctuary, depending on need.
    • 12:45pm Servicio en Español can meet with proper distancing guidelines on May 10th.
    • Nursery and other childcare – No nursery for the month of May. In mid-May, we will reevaluate opening childcare for the month of June. Children will attend worship with his/her families.
      • Children’s worship bags will be made for the children to take home. 
    • Ushers/Greeters – beginning in phase one, usher duties will be undertaken by church staff to limit exposure of the usher volunteers.
    • Seating – beginning with phase one, seating will be allowed in every other row (i.e. 2nd, 4th, 6th rows etc.) to ensure proper spacing between members and guests. Additionally, seating in rows will be spaced in such a way as to maintain a 6ft distance between individuals, couples, and families. Families and couples are encouraged to sit together. 
      • Overflow seating will be made available in the Fellowship Hall and Foundry should capacity be reached in the Sanctuary and Foundry for the 8:30am, 11:15am, and 12:45pm services respectively. Members and guests in the overflow spaces will be able to watch the service via Simulcast.
    • Access to restrooms, soap and water, and hand sanitizer will be made available.
    • Masks and gloves should be brought by members or guests as access to these items is limited.
    • Ongoing cleaning and sanitation will take place to maintain a sanitary and safe worship environment


  1. Children’s Ministry
    • No Sunday morning activities for the month of May. In mid-May, we will reevaluate opening them for the month of June.
    • Wednesday Night Activities
      • No Wednesday night activities in May. We will not continue Wednesday night activities in the June, July, and August per the church’s normal summer schedule.


  1. Student Ministry
    • Sunday Morning Activities
      • Sunday School gatherings in person are suspended for the month of May
    • Wednesday Night Activities
      • Wednesday night activities are also suspended for the month of May.  Online Zoom meetings will continue, and special events such as small group games nights will continue online.
    • Summer Activities
      • Summer activities such as camps, mission trips, or other overnight activities in June are discontinued.


  1. Adult Ministry
    • Sunday Morning Activities
      • Sunday school classes, Sunday Bible Studies, and other Sunday morning gatherings can resume with reasonable distancing guidelines beginning on Sunday, May 24th 
    • Weekday Activities
      • In addition to Sunday mornings, all Bible studies and small group gatherings can resume beginning the week of May 24th as long as reasonable distancing guidelines are followed and according to the discretion of the Director of Adult Faith Formation.
      • WOW meals and meetings are hereby canceled for the remainder of the Spring. They will resume again in the Fall. 


  1. Pathways Preschool
  • Due to the cancellation of Dripping Springs Independent School District classes and considering that the Pathways Preschool sets their calendar year according to the calendar of DSISD, Preschool classes are hereby released for the school year.
  • Any further gatherings from now until the new calendar school year will be held at the discretion of the Pathways School Director. These can include, but aren’t limited to:
    • Packing of classrooms, as is the normal practice at the end of a school year, meetings, or other projects deemed necessary by the Pathways School Director.


  1. Office Staff
    • Beginning on Monday, May 11th, the offices of DSUMC will be open for regular business hours 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday through Thursday. All appropriate and reasonable distancing will be followed. 


  1. Music Practice
    • Rehearsals for choir, handbells, and praise teams may resume immediately at the discretion of their respective leaders in preparation for in-person worship services. All appropriate distancing guidelines should be reasonably followed, and those who are 65 or older, and/or have extenuating health concerns should be encouraged to remain at home. If they decide to attend, special precautions should be taken for their safety.
  2. Additional Questions/Concerns
    • Please contact the following staff members with additional questions or concerns:
April 2, 2020
Governor Abbott issued an order for all schools to remain closed until May 4, 2020, to slow the spread of Coronavirus. To fully support this state directive and do our part to keep our community safe, Dripping Springs United Methodist Church will be extending our closure until this date. This decision also is consistent with federal guidelines and the Hays County “Stay at Home, Work Safe” order.
We will continue to monitor this unprecedented situation and will decide what further steps should be taken to protect our members and this community. We will update you on those decisions on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), our church website, mobile app, and email.
If you have an immediate need, please reach out to us via phone 512-894-7123. You will need to leave a message but we are checking this several times a day and will get back to you as soon as possible. For the most recent updates for Hays County, please visit http://haysinformed.com/
Here are more resources that may be helpful:
Live Stream Services: You can still join us for worship online in Spanish and English at www.youtube.com/dsumc
Giving: We still need your ongoing financial support to continue the missions and ministries of the church, there are several ways you can continue to support DSUMC:
Give by Text: Text the “GIVE” to 77977
Send a check to: DSUMC PO Box 99, Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Activities and Resources for KidsChildren’s Ministry Facebook Page 
Youth Updates and ActivitiesStudent Ministry Instagram Page





DSUMC Coronavirus Update

March 17, 2020

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we truly live in remarkable times. The effects of the coronavirus are still in its early stages, and it is hard to know when our country, and specifically our community, will return to normal. Despite this, I continue to be confident in the grace and security that I find in Jesus Christ our Lord. I rest assured that the presence of God in our lives and in our community will take us through this difficult time. This is a time to be wise, cautious, prayerful, and above all, not to give into fear.


The circumstances of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 are in a constant state of change and therefore our adjustments must also be fluid.  Because of the announcement of the Dripping Springs Independent School District, and in response to local, state, and federal recommendations, Dripping Springs United Methodist Church will be making modifications to the various ways in which we gather. 


Effective immediately, we are suspending our Sunday morning worship services and gatherings, including Sunday Schools, Bible studies, and other gatherings for groups in excess of 10 people from now until April 3.  This means that Sunday morning services for March 22, and March 29th will be suspended, as well as all evening activities, including Wednesday night gatherings on March 18, 25, and April 1 during this time period. Additionally, our children, youth, and adult ministry leaders are looking at different ways we can be together through a variety of online resources.


We will continue to monitor this unprecedented situation and will decide what further steps should be taken to protect our members and this community. We will update you on those decisions on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), our church website, mobile app, and email.


We also need your help in terms of giving. As you know, ministry and mission will continue to take place, albeit in a smaller fashion. As you can imagine, the Church needs your help as we continue to employ a variety of hard-working, and gracious people. As we suspend services, meeting our financial goals will become more difficult since half of our tithes and offerings are collected in our Sunday morning worship services. If you are able, please continue to give by mailing a check to the church at P.O. Box 99, Dripping Springs, TX 78620, or by signing up to give online through our website, dsumc.org, or through our mobile app. You can also text DSGIVE to 77977 to be connected to our online giving program which will let you give a one-time gift or a monthly or weekly ongoing gift.


During this time, we will be live streaming an 11:15am worship service. You are invited to join with us online as we gather remotely for worship. You can join us here on our YouTube page. Though we may not be gathering together we are still the church.  The church is not a building, but a people.  We don’t cease to be the church simply because we do not gather. In fact, the church is needed now more than ever to be the selfless, fearless community empowered by Christ, and in service to the world.


As part of an effort to demonstrate our mandate as the church to be in service to the world, we are encouraging the people of DSUMC to find creative ways to serve in the community. Included in this announcement is a link to a form here that you can fill out if you need help in acquiring products and supplies from the grocery store and having them delivered to your home. Likewise, if you would like to participate in the delivery of products and groceries to people who are staying home, we also have a form here that you can fill out. We will do our best to connect volunteers with people in need to help them during this difficult time.


As I said this past Sunday, we are the people of God and have no cause for fear. We can trust that God is at work in and through us and we can trust in Him. These prudent actions will help our church and community as we move through this difficult time in our country. We have an opportunity to demonstrate what it means to calmly serve our community through prayer and by the actions that we take.


I ask that you continue to pray for our community and country, for the leadership at DSUMC and in all the churches in our community, and for our local, state, and national leaders as we all respond together in faith and patience to these unprecedented circumstances.


Trusting in Him,
Adam Thornton

Need Form – https://forms.gle/knc9KqvvGCjLrdMb7

Volunteer to Help Form – https://forms.gle/LP1NeymmzxouvNnE6