Lenten Program
Sowing for the Kingdom
Bibles in Swahili for our African brothers and sisters in Christ

This year, during the season of Lent, we invite you to join us in an exciting project here at Dripping Springs UMC.

In addition to giving something up for Lent, consider providing our African brothers and sisters the gift of the bible in their language.

United Methodist local churches in the North Katanga, Tanganyika, and Tanzania annual conferences are in need of the bible in their language. We can help them with this need and join in their kingdom work on the continent of Africa.

Our goal is to provide 100 bibles to each of the 43 districts in the North Katanga Episcopal Area. The cost of each bible is $20, and the total cost of providing 4,300 bibles to each district in the episcopal area is $86,000.00.

We hope to raise these funds during the season of Lent and celebrate the Lord’s provision on Easter Sunday.

I believe that DSUMC can meet this goal with your help. I am asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to put the word of God in the hands of our United Methodist brothers and sisters in Africa.
Pastor Adam Thornton
Pictured: Bishop Mande Muyombo
Thank you for your generosity!!
With your help, $34,000 was raised towards bibles in Swahili for our brothers and sisters in Christ.
1,700 bibles