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Open Enrollment for new families is online this year. It begins on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 6:00AM; it is first come, first serve. Please see the information below before registering in order to make this process go as smoothly as possible. After you have read this information, click on the button below to register.
Some Tips to Prepare
Have the following information on hand to make the registration process faster:
      – Insurance information (name and policy number)
      – Hospital information (name, address, phone number of preferred hospital in case emergency care is needed)
      – People approved to pick up your child (name, relationship, phone number)
      – People approved to supervise medical treatment in case of emergency (name, relationship, phone number & address)
      – Allergy information
      – Payment information (credit or debit cards accepted – half or full amount of one payment installment + $100 annual supply fee)

How to Register
 – First, create a parent  profile, wait for an email with the link to confirm. Click on the link in your email, then add each child as a person to your profile. 
– Second, choose the correct class you want, by age and preferred days of the week (ex. 2 year old, T/Th class). **If your first choice is not available — choose any class in the correct age group. Once you complete registration, email to be added to the wait list for your preferred class.
– Finally, complete registration and payment information (**note: the Before School Care from 7:30-8:30 and Extended Day from 2:30-4 classes are boxes you have to click at the TOP of the page. Space is limited.), and reserve your child’s spot in a class.
Required Medical Forms
If you are new and just registered your student for the fall, the following medical forms must be requested from your child’s doctor and submitted to the Pathways Office within 30 days of registering your child (April 12th for most):
1) Wellness Statement stating your child is healthy and able to attend school
2) Current Vaccination Records or Original Signed Affidavit (valid for 2 years)
And for students 4+ years old:  
3) Hearing Screen results
4) Vision Screen results
You may email the above forms to or turn them into the office during school hours, 8:30 AM-2:30 PM. If your child has a birthday and/or well check appointment between April-August, we will email reminders to everyone in August to turn in another round of updated medical records before the 1st day of school.

If you have a currently enrolled student that is returning in the Fall: 
All medical records need to stay current. If your child has an upcoming birthday before May 30 and s/he has a new well check appointment, please make copies and turn in the new forms to replace the outdated forms before school ends. If your child has a summer birthday and they are returning in August, we will email reminders in August to turn in their new medical records.
Either way, current medical documents are due within 30 days of your child’s birthday. Thank you for helping us keep all medical records current!
We look forward to serving your family in the coming year! If you have any questions, please contact the Pathways office at 512-858-7541 or