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Are You Weary?

I have a confession to make as I write this article
I’m exhausted and I’m stressed about deadlines.  In other words, I’m weary. That word weary seems to sum up the season of life I’m in right now. On top of a job that is currently very stressful with a workload that is unmanageable, I’ve also got meetings, rehearsals, piano prep, elderly parents who need help….the list goes on and on.
I know you have all been there too.  Too much to do + not enough time to do it = weary.
I read recently that “the worst enemy of enthusiasm is time.” Isn’t that true!!! We get so excited about all the good things we can do that we take on more and more. Then one day we realize it’s too much. The excitement is gone and has been replaced with weariness.
Inadequacy and discouragement set in.
I’ve been reading through some devotionals to help get myself back on track out of
discouragement and back to excitement. The one that spoke the most to me offered these four keys to persevering through the weariness:
1) Submit to the plans God has for you.
Don’t become exhausted from trying to avoid God’s plans but instead submit to them in faith.
Submitting to God’s plans when they are different from our own (such as following His timing instead of our own) grows patience and peace within us which in turn produces more fruitful work.
  2) Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with love for people.
  When we grow weary, it’s easy to lose the ability to show love for others. And when that         happens, our outward actions become more and more ineffective. It’s especially difficult to serve those who don’t show any appreciation or love in return. Yet Jesus was not only unappreciated but rejected by men. Despite that, he loved his enemies to the end and forgave them. We need to call on the love of Christ to fill us so that we can be freed to serve in the same way Christ has served us.
3) Give all you have as an offering of worship, even if it seems meager.
     I often find myself doubting my gifts and what I have to offer, especially when I’m tired and     discouraged I start believing that what I have to give isn’t good enough. When Jesus asked the disciples to provide food for the crowds, they bring all they have 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Not nearly enough, yet because they obeyed Jesus when asked to bring what they had for his service, he used what they had for his purposes. He will do the same with what we bring in obedience.
4) Get away, seek Christ, and rest.
      In Mark chapter six, the disciples were so busy serving others that they didn’t even have time to eat. Jesus encouraged them to get away by themselves and rest. Even Jesus took time to rest and pray, which sets the example for us. Only by resting and being fed by God’s Word can we persevere and continue to pour ourselves out in service.
Sheila Lamb ~ Nurturing Steward
“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
     -Galatians 6:9


20 Years of Kairos Prison Ministry at DSUMC!

” . . . I was in prison and you came to visit me.” Matthew 25:36
DSUMC has been involved in Kairos Prison Ministry for over 20 years! DSUMC members are serving on two fall 2017 Kairos Weekends, the first at the men’s maximum security Hughes unit on September 28th–October 1st and the second at the women’s maximum security Lane Murray unit on October 25th-28th. DSUMC members are also serving on a Kairos Outside Central Texas weekend on November 3rd-5th at Twin Oaks Ranch in Buda, TX.
For more information about Kairos Outside whether serving on a team or being a guest for a weekend,
please go to Kairos has been bringing the love of Christ to our incarcerated brothers and sisters worldwide for 40 years, building Christian community in the prison, reducing recidivism, and giving our incarcerated sisters and brothers in white new hope. Kairos Outside is a ministry for female family members of incarcerated men and women. For more information about Kairos, go to the Kairos of Texas website,
Team formation for two Fall Inside Kairos Weekends at Hughes (September 28-October 1) and Lane Murray (October
25-28) has begun, with team meetings beginning in June. Maria Sharp of DSUMC will be leading the Lane Murray
Kairos. There is still time to join the Hughes or Lane Murray team, and we are seeking volunteers to serve on Kairos
teams for both Weekends. There will be other opportunities to get involved, including attending the closing ceremony,
helping bake cookies, making posters and place mats, and donating “green agape” (money).
If you have questions about Hughes Kairos or want to join the Hughes team, contact Dave Sutherland at or 512-940-7244. If you have questions about or want to join the Lane Murray team, contact Maria Sharp at or 512-853-0227.
Chéri Heldstab is our contact for Kairos Outside. If you want to serve on the Kairos Outside weekend or have questions about Kairos Outside, contact Chéri at


The Footpath of Faith

Faith is a journey. It is a long and winding road interrupted by hills, valleys, and mountains. There is incredible scenery along the way and we are treated to many amazing experiences as we pursue God across the ocean of life. Not all of this journey is filled with joy. There are moments of deep heartache, stinging regret, and perhaps for some of us, sheer terror. But for each circumstance that finds us disappointed, we find a hundred more that show us the joy of belonging to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our expedition of faith reminds me of the many hikes I have taken over the years. Some were with full knowledge of the trail and others were adventures of discovery. I remember my first backpacking trip and taking the long winding steps that my guide referred to as “the beast” because of the brutal switchbacks and rapid ascension in elevation. I also remember the feeling of hiking the Akrabim trade route in southern Israel and the confrontation with terrifying heights as I descended from magnificent views. I recall the hike through the Rocky Mountain National Park with friends and the exciting return to our vehicles through the mountainous terrain that was off of the trail. This same trail I would later lead my family down as we vacationed in Estes Park, Colorado.

In all of these adventures there was a destination that we sought, and a trail to take us there. Admittedly, we liked to venture off trail or make our own (I suppose this could be said of the entire human race). Regardless, the goal was the same. There was an end to which we aspired.
As we begin our journey together at DSUMC, I would invite you to consider our future together in faith as a trail.
Perhaps your own personal story, as well as that of the entire church, could be seen as a journey of faith that we take
together. God is calling us into a new season in which we will walk a path, together. Consider that this path is defined by four core values that will give us direction much as a well-trodden footpath.
Story – In light of God’s great story of redemption, what’s your story? Have you entered into God’s story?
       Community – God’s people, the church, the body of Christ at DSUMC. How are you growing within this
       community, and encouraging others as they grow?
Connection – Serving, loving, living with God’s people. Are you connected into the life and ministries of  DSUMC? Are you serving at DSUMC?
Stewardship – Living a consecrated life for others. Are you grateful for the life God has given you? How are you living the full life that God intends?
The Administrative Council and Pastoral Leadership at DSUMC have prayerfully discerned these core values. We
believe that the Lord is calling us to pursue Him with these values in mind. We recognize that these values are different from one local church to another. However, these are the values that we believe the Lord is calling us to embrace and implement.
Our invitation to you is to join us on the journey. Pursue God with us as we grow together at DSUMC. Pray for DSUMC and its leadership as we boldly seek God in this new season together. When you pray, pray the prayer that Paul prayed for the Ephesian believers…
I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of
wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,
and his incomparably great power for us who believe.  Ephesians 1:15-19a
Pastor Adam Thornton ~ Senior Pastor


What Does A Wesley Nurse Do?

Most of us have had contact with a Registered Nurse at some time in our lives, whether through the illness of a loved one, our own healthcare needs or in a classroom setting. You may have seen them set the rate on an IV pump, remove or replace a medical device, teach on topics such as nutrition, ask a lot of invasive questions or check a blood pressure. So, what is an RN all about?
A Registered Nurse differs from other types of health care professionals in that they may practice independently of other health care providers or in collaboration with them. As such, many situations call for a team approach. Respect for human dignity and a primary commitment to the patient (or community of patients) are the basis for all nursing actions such as promoting health, advocating for and protecting the rights, health and safety of patients. RNs are collaborators, ethicists, agents of social justice and accountable for their own actions. (American Nurses Association, 2015)
The thought process of a nurse is to observe, identify and name a problem or risk, and to reduce suffering, or potential suffering, in the situation; this is followed by observing the response and careful adjustment and repetition of the process until the goal is reached. A nurse’s restorative work is not simply limited to physical well being, but at its best also encompasses care for emotional, social and spiritual care of the patient and their loved ones.
Registered Nursing has sub-specialties within it; each requires specialized education and training, such as residencies
and mentoring after becoming licensed. Faith community nurses (FCNs) differ from clinical specialties like trauma
nursing, surgical nursing, and home health nursing, in their focus on intentional nurturing of the patient’s spirit. Faith community nurses work within a community to prevent illness and promote practices that lead to the best health. This means that most of the intervention procedures that nursing is best known for are exchanged, in this context, for the practices of active listening, counsel, prayer, presence, advocacy, referral and education. (Health Ministries Association &American Nurses Association, 2012)
FCN practice draws its heritage from the roots of nursing, which evolved from the early church and the concept of Shalom, which is wholeness, completeness, contentment and peace. (International Parish Nurse Resource Center, 2014) Within the specialty, a group of 80+ nurses, belonging to Methodist Healthcare Ministries of the Rio Texas Conference (United Methodist Church), are referred to as Wesley Nurses. This program is the largest, full-time compensated group of FCNs in the US and provides care for uninsured and at-risk individuals, primarily in rural settings.
Wesley Nurses document what takes place in the lives of their patients, track outcomes carefully, plan programs to address the education needs of a population, and develop relationships with people in the community who want to participate in health ministry. Those who contribute are not necessarily health professionals or clergy; they are simply people who want to act on the need they see and share their ideas and gifts.
The Health Ministry Team here at DSUMC is a mixed group of counselors, hands-on volunteers from the congregation, pastors and others who meet to cheer one another on and seek opportunities to carry out missions that promote wellness in our community. With the Dripping Springs population becoming denser, it is more important than ever to sustain infrastructure that contributes to healthy lifestyles of its inhabitants for generations to come. As a church, this
ministry gives us an opportunity to be the blessing.
After my roles in emergency, home health and management settings, I am so pleased to have been led to this calling, which challenges me to use ALL of what I have learned as a Registered Nurse and a follower of Christ. In conclusion, I would like to share some upcoming opportunities that you may be interested in participating in: donating diapers to assist Helping Hands, inviting people to the back to school event on August 19th, delivering meals to families over the summer, driving people to doctor’s visits or writing cards to/visiting people who are isolated. Please call the church if interested!
Amy Roedl, RN
Wesley Nurse, DSUMC
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Do You Know The History of The Community-Wide Garage Sale?

The Community-Wide Garage Sale at DSUMC, sponsored by the United Methodist Women (UMW), has grown from humble beginnings into a much-anticipated, annual event for the Dripping Springs community.
It was started 30 plus years ago with Ann Holman, Jerry Lou Dodson and a small group of UMW members at Ann’s home on Hwy 290. From there, the garage sale was later moved to DSUMC’s first church site on the corner of RR12 and Hwy 290 (where Walgreens is located today). As interest in the garage sale grew in the mid-80’s, it was moved to a covered area where Dripping Springs Pharmacy is today. Once DSUMC moved to its current location on RR12 and the gym was built, the garage sale again found a new home. Last year, the garage sale was moved, once again, from the gym to The Foundry at DSUMC.
What some people may not realize is that, while the UMW sponsors this event, many individuals, and groups in the
community participate and volunteer, making it a true, community-wide event. Proceeds from the garage sale go to
missions, ministries, and non-profit organizations that benefit the Dripping Springs Community. Some of these
organizations and groups include: Helping Hands, DSUMC’s ERT & Missions teams, Hays Caldwell Women’s
Center, Southside Community Center, Kairos, Providence Place, and Methodist Children’s Home & Montopolis FCC.
It is the mission of the UMW to be actively engaged in fulfilling the mission of Christ with special attention to the
needs of women and children. Participating and shopping The Community-Wide Garage sale on August 4th & 5th
is agreat way to help support the UMW and this mission.
Drop off days are August 2nd & 3rd (9am-6pm) and the garage sale will be held at The Foundry on August 4th-5th.
For additional information about volunteering or donations please contact the church office 512-894-7123.


When you Pray…

He said to them, “ When you pray, say: Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, Give us each day our daily bread. Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead us not into temptation.” Luke 11:2-4
There can be no doubt that one of the most important aspects of the community of Jesus Christ is prayer. Prayer is a constant reminder of the finitude of human beings and our reliance on the benevolence of God. And so it is that the Church must have as one of its most sacred duties the discipline and practice of prayer.
In Luke’s gospel, we find that Jesus answers the disciple’s request to be taught to pray in the way He did. Jesus’
answer to them is to give them a pattern of prayer. This pattern was never intended to be a formula by which we could fulfill a requirement or secure our personal desires. Instead, Jesus taught a way of thinking about life that would allow us to connect to something much greater than ourselves.
Notice also how Luke records Jesus’ words. It begins with “when you pray.” This is not an assumption on Jesus’ part. It is an understood practice of life. Jesus is telling his disciples that He expects them to be people of prayer. Jesus is simply telling them how He prays and that their pattern of prayer should resemble His pattern.
For Jesus, and for His disciples, there was not mystery surrounding whether or not they should be praying, but how. The question for us is the same. It has never been about whether or not we should be praying but rather how and what we should be praying. Prayer is the foundation of all ministry and existence within the kingdom of God. It forms the basis for who we are by reminding us of whose we are.
As we continue to pursue God’s purpose for us both as individuals and as a congregation, prayer must be the place where we begin. We don’t pray for God to do a greater work. Prayer is the greater work.
Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to you, and to the people of DSUMC, as we seek to move forward into God’s purpose.
Adam Thornton, Sr Pastor